Timothy Armstrong

Brand New Site

June 14 2010

Hello! First off, thank you for visiting! After about a month of off-and-on development, this is a tentative release of my portfolio site - there are surely still a few bugs here and there and I'm going to be implementing a better backend in the days and weeks to come, but the front-end is now complete (for the most part, though there's still a bit of optimization on the way).

I've been toying with the idea for a few months now, and partway through the development I decided I would go for it: this site is written in HTML5. While the final standard is still a long way off (years at least, I believe), most modern browsers have been implementing the tentative specs, and so there's no reason so start progressively enhancing websites today. I've also used quite a bit of CSS3 in this site, though most new features have to be given vendor prefixes like -webkit- or -moz-.

There's lots of more content scheduled, but for now I'll stop here. Look forward to web design and development tips, tricks, tutorials, and screencasts in the near future!